IMAS‘ strength is the result of a high-technology machine park and a highly professional and continuously updated workforce.

The company’s machine park includes three measuring centres for the verification and subsequent certification of cylindrical gears and worm shafts and a surface roughness measuring machine. This allows the company to monitor all phases of machining and carry out the necessary quality checks as production proceeds.

IMAS’ highly professional workforce boasts a thorough knowledge of the materials involved, mastery of the machining processes acquired over years of experience in grinding, and complete control of the machines used.

IMAS also offers customers an efficient logistics service, tailored to suit their specific needs. Logistic support covers all the phases of supply and includes warehouse, kanban and stock management.

IMAS’ products and services make the company the preferred choice of customers who need grinding of industrial parts, precision mechanical components and cylindrical gears for their own manufacturing activities.

IMAS guarantees the professionalism, precision and quality of all its grinding processes.


Our logistics service covers every aspect of management and organization needed to guarantee a prompt and regular supply of industrial components. The service ensures that finished products are delivered as needed from the factory of the producer or supplier to that of the customer. The entire process has to run smoothly and effectively in order to guarantee the proper functioning of complex production systems.

IMAS guarantees maximum professionalism at all stages in the work flow of metal components that need grinding, and provides customers with complete logistic support, including reliable deliveries, warehouse, kanban and stock management.

If you want top quality logistics, contact us and discover the IMAS offering in greater detail.


The quality of the grinding done by IMAS is guaranteed by certification the company has obtained over the years and by precision instruments that continuously verify the results of machining.

IMAS’ quality management system is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001 and, from year 2023, also to ISO 14001:2015  Environmental Management System

Product quality is verified using:

  • three measuring centres, in particular a Mahr PRIMAR MX4 CNC and two Wenzel WGT 350s, to perform grinding quality checks on cylindrical gears and worm shafts, and to issue quality certificates;
  • one RT-80 surface roughness measuring machine;
  • one HURTH noise measuring system.


All the instruments used to measure and check the quality of grinding operations are regularly calibrated.

Grinding Processes

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