IMAS Rettifica Ingranaggi

IMAS was formed in 1976 and is based in Crespellano near Bologna in northern Italy. The company specializes in grinding.

Thanks to over 40 years of experience, IMAS can offer specialist grinding services plus a reliable and flexible logistics service that can easily be adapted to satisfy different requests.

The high quality of the company’s products are the result of reliable NC machines that incorporate the latest technology and fully respect the parameters needed for certification, and of technical personnel who benefit from continuous professional training.

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Company strengths

Years of experience in the field of grinding allow IMAS to offer a highly professional service and quality certified to ISO 90001-2015.
The company operates three measuring centres to verify the precision of cylindrical gears and worm shafts and to issue the necessary certification. IMAS also operates a surface roughness measuring machine to verify finished surfaces. All the machines in the company’s machine park are regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure constant quality and performance.







Grinding Processes

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