IMAS undertakes grinding for all areas of industry who need precision ground parts for their own production processes.

Most IMAS customers work in the manufacture and maintenance of motor vehicles, agricultural machines, or marine and petroleum systems and use mechanical components on a daily basis in the production and maintenance of organs of transmission and gears.

These sectors require top quality machined products capable of guaranteeing reliability and high performance as well as the safety of operators under all conditions.

With this in mind, IMAS is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in all grinding processes, through the constant training of personnel and the regular upgrading of its machine park.

The automotive industry covers the design, production and repair of motor vehicles and is one of the main users of IMAS‘ products and services. Customers in this area require mainly gears, gearboxes and other mechanical components, manufactured to the highest quality standards in terms of material strength and precision machining.

The motorcycle industry includes motorcycle manufacturers, repair shops and specialist businesses in the field of classic bike sales and maintenance. Each of these areas needs special mechanical transmission components that are accurately finished down the smallest detail, as the performance of the motorcycle and the safety of the rider depend on the quality of each part.

Various areas of industry use mechanical transmission systems, hoists and special industrial lifts to transmit power and to lift large, heavy loads to limited heights. The gear components that allow these machines to function must be finished with the greatest precision.

The shipbuilding sector requires precision mechanical components for the mechanical transmissions that transmit engine power and control propeller and rudder systems. The accurate grinding of a ship’s gears and shafts plays a determining role in ensuring the proper functioning of the vessel as a whole.

The commercial vehicle sector produces the vans and trucks used by businesses in general. The mechanical components used in the production and maintenance of commercial vehicles must conform to the highest quality standards and be extremely resistant as continuous, reliable functioning is essential to the smooth running of daily activities.

The hydraulics industry serves many different sectors. Hydraulic equipment typically use small-size precision mechanical components to control powerful fluid-dynamic systems. Such components need accurate design and extremely precise grinding of component surfaces.

Food processing and transformation requires precision machines to perform specific operations while respecting the quality of the foods involved. The components and gears that drive these machines must be accurately made and perfectly finished to ensure proper functioning.

The energy sector is changing rapidly, with ecologically sustainable forms of energy becoming increasingly common, along with the machines and equipment needed to exploit them. Public and private operators in the energy sector therefore need suppliers who are able to produce perfectly finished, precision mechanical components to satisfy their requests.

Machines used for cleaning and sanitizing industrial premises, high-traffic public buildings, large stores and factories have to function to the highest standards as even the smallest problem could have an impact on the quality of their operations and render the results unacceptable.

The mechanisms that control accesses, barriers and gates must be accurately finished to work efficiently and guarantee the safety of users. Manufacturers in this area of industry require gears and other precision mechanical components made with maximum attention to every little detail.

The functioning of agricultural machines depends largely on mechanisms that transmit drive from the engine crankshaft to the various organs of propulsion. These components are of fundamental importance as they perform a number of different functions and allow the machine to carry out a range of manoeuvres. All the mechanical components used in their construction must therefore be finished with the greatest accuracy.

Machines used in the construction industry must be able to move heavy loads and must also guarantee the safety of operators and all those who work with them. The gears and other systems involved in the functioning of these machines require a top quality finish to guarantee the correct functioning of the machine’s transmission systems.

Automatic machines are used in various areas of industry to reduce the need for human intervention. Automatic machines must be able to ensure the continuity of the processes in which they are involved, which may range from food processing to waste processing. They therefore require extremely well finished precision mechanical components.

The motorsport sector covers motor racing at the professional and amateur levels. The sector also includes the fields of vehicle testing, repair and maintenance. All these areas need top quality precision mechanical components and a logistics service capable of guaranteeing the prompt and regular replenishment of warehouses.

Grinding Processes

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